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There are a number of factors which go into making a phenomenally good web hosting company and if you have the budget to afford it, there is no reason why you should not aim for the skies and get the best package which your website will benefit from for years to come.

Factors to Consider When You Buy Hosting

Never opt for a company which does not provide considerable technical support and that too around the clock. If you aren’t quite the IT person yourself you will have trouble keeping the website going when the load is too much or if a virus has gotten through. The trick is if you have put your site on a premium package, the web host will constantly monitor your site and no such issue shall arise.

Do not be fooled by what you consider or assume is included in the more basic packages because they often leave a lot to be desired even if the company is quite well known because their aim is profit even before customer satisfaction despite what their marketing campaign will tell you. Don’t be ashamed to ask for what you need especially if you see that it isn’t included in the package.

Packages which claim to have unlimited features or services are often good choices and operate on the entire concept of wholesale pricing. You may even get lucky with a giant hosting company like GoDaddy as they are known to bring out such packages every now and then. Make sure your web host supports sub domains, multiple domains as well as more than one email accounts. This proves invaluable if you thinking of developing a business online.

The need of the website comes before even pricing. If your website is a business or commercial website it will require nothing less than the best so that it can beat its competitors with sales and also boast of always being online. Breakdowns or general inaccessibility will affect the reputation of the site and it will not draw many customers.

Think of the web host as a sort of investment into the website’s future because the better it operates the more subscribers it will inevitably attract along with web traffic which is really all the point behind the matter. Work out your budget to be able to get the best package although negotiating and obtaining discounts can also be done when you are dealing with a web host.

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One of the lesser-known companies on the web hosting block is HostRocket. They hope to influence their environment, the worldwide web, but are also just happy when customers are satisfied with their choices. HostRocket is earning consumer trust little by little. It takes time to become a favorite and to work out kinks. HostRocket is working hard to do those things.

A Few Details about the Company

HostRocket believes some of their services are unique to this firm; that you cannot find them from any other web host. They started in New York back in 1999. Since then, HostRocket also founded DotBlock for VPS service so now HostRocket provides services suitable for shared, reseller VPS, and dedicated hosting. They added ViaTalk, providing VoIP service to both residential and business customers.

Ask them about web design apart form template-based, Open Source formats. They can be contacted by email using their form or by using their toll-free phone number. Customers have access to service every day, every hour of the day, and every day of the year. However, it seems at first that it’s all anonymous email, not even an email address but via a form on the business website.

Comparing HostRocket with the Competition

An extensive search of reviews about web hosts shows that HostRocket is not performing as well as the competition. They have failed to find their way into the top-ten or even the top-fifteen on certain lists. If you can locate an actual ranking for them, some sources suggest they are about 20th or two-thirds of the way down the list. In spite of that, HostRocket sometimes performs strongly when seen side by side with other hosts, especially in certain areas.

Many examples on the internet pit HostRocket against individual competitors, but some things you can see for yourself. HostRocket does not supply many contact options which doesn’t make a customer feel very good.

While the “about us” section indicates that HostRocket welcomes your feedback and contact, it’s difficult to discern how one would go about doing that other than using the ticket system or telephone. In other words, wait in line. They don’t place the same focus on 24/7 support which is strongly emphasized by many other firms. Mind you, some of those companies are all talk.

But this is an established company with almost 2 full decades of hosting under their belt. That’s worth boasting about. Established firms are trusted; we tend to want to work with them. There are also some very good points about working with HostRocket that simply cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, they could (and should) be addressing criticisms made by the experts and customers this past year.

Enough Web Hosting Packages?

Some firms seem to offer everything; too much. How do you select the right option? Then again, they also have live chat options and you can phone customer service for advice. I’d say there are plenty of hosting options at HostRocket. What more do you want besides 3 options for shared and 4 for dedicated plus an innovative VPS system from DotBlock? Customers choose the “blocks” of service they want. Pick from 1 to 24. As you add blocks, figures such as Cores, SSD RAID Storage, RAM, and bandwidth change along with the price. Like I said, how many choices does a person want?

One downside to this system is that a cPanel is not included. On top of potentially high costs for VPS reseller hosting, consumers still have to pay for the control panel. Add cPanel in order to initiate email accounts, add plug-ins and add-ons, provide data backup, protect what you have written, review error, and read statistics regarding people who have visited your page that day. WHM or WebHost Manager is also a CP interface designed to be used by both web hosts and administrators. Deal with customer accounts, find out if there are problems with servers before they affect you, change language, install apps, and more. DotBlock is on the cloud.

Various Costs of Hosting – Save with a HostRocket Coupon Code

These are honest costs in the sense that their prices at the start are what they continue to be month by month. Many services on other sites are shown at the rate provided after customers apply HostRocket coupon codes to receive a discount. That price is set to go up eventually.

Web hosting costs start a little higher than elsewhere as a result. Some people say these prices are disingenuous, though, because every little thing costs money: setup, domain registration, and – as mentioned – the control panel.

Take Better Business Bureau Ratings into Account

Achieving high ratings with the Better Business Bureau is not as easy as it sounds. HostRocket is not accredited in the first place, but stay out of trouble and it can all be right with them.

The Better Business Bureau gives HostRocket an A+; they have improved. Any complaints must have been too far back for the BBB to continue considering them in their formula for business rankings.

Lack of Social Media

If HostRocket was interested in using social media to improve SEO rankings, deal with the public, or to advertise, they would add relevant links to the bottom panel of their landing page where topics are listed. They don’t list any such thing. The company is not connected which means one more way of potentially getting in touch has not been offered along with the others (phone and live chat). Although consumers and reviewers give the firm high marks for customer service and support, social media is not just a ranking tool for Google. It is also used by companies as a way to be more personal and intentional in their relationships with customers. People appreciate being more than a ticket or billing number.

What’s Missing from HostRocket?

HostRocket promotes over 256 web apps to help you get started quickly. And, one of the products at HostRocket is web design. So, you get choice.

Shared hosting is what HostRocket is best known for. It is fairly inexpensive to get going, although some firms are admittedly cheaper. Use one account with HostRocket to manage all of your business transactions and sites. Use one plan to host everything if your traffic is not very heavy when you are on a shared hosting scheme. When it is too much, you could be faced with some uptime inconsistencies according to reviews.

Reputation for Downtime

I have read that HostRocket’s biggest problem is potentially downtime. There were many instances in the past couple of years when the firm dropped below the industry’s approved standard of 99.9% uptime. If you think that is an unfair standard, web hosts can track their uptime to the 100th or 1,000th place and they do. Firms almost never manage 100%, but they should never fall below 99.9%.

Usually, really high-tech companies would blush at anything below this rating. Across the span of a month or a year, 0.5% downtime is noticeable. HostRocket has dropped this low on numerous occasions, so they should be blushing. HostRocket service provides testimony (if you needed it) that CDN edge servers could be better for business, particularly if people who use your service are sharing private information. Then again, you would be on a dedicated plan at that point for the sake of reliability and security.

Hosting Plans at HostRocket

Select a plan by the month or on a longer-term basis for lower pricing. They start at $5.99 per month if you buy the simplest shared Biennial Plan and receive no limits to disk space, bandwidth, websites, or email accounts. Support is available all day, every day and set up is apparently free. Elsewhere there are reports that setup is not free, but perhaps changes have been afoot in response to customer and professional complaints. Then again, within the site itself there are contradictions regarding pricing.

Add-ons include a dedicated IP address for an additional $2 monthly, a $99 SSL Certificate for two years, domain registration for $20 annually, $20 domain transfer, and $5 for remote backup. Some firms incorporate some add-ons into their regular services, but when you compare features, remember to also double-check normal fees.

Standard features include a 99.5% uptime guarantee, so at least when they fail to meet this standard you can receive compensation. They mention a cPanel. You get a free domain and as many sub-domains as you want, unlimited FTP accounts and databases, and RAID storage. There is spam filtering on email accounts, no limit to auto-responders and forwards or email aliases, and no limit to the number of mailing lists you can initiate as part of shared hosting.

The website suggests that cPanel is free and contradicts itself. You pay an extra fee for cPanel and WMS. Domain registration costs extra too as per the figures listed above. I’m confused, and customers will be perplexed too.

Stream audio and video. Use URL redirection for information that has moved, plus customized error pages. You get a file manager, hotlink protection, and software support with MySQL5. There is more to shared hosting as well; lots to consider among their standard and additional services. That all sounds pretty good, if a little bit unclear at times.

Dedicated Hosting with HostRocket

Without a coupon code, dedicated hosting starts at $119 monthly. Standard features of dedicated hosting plans include 15 TB bandwidth, CentOS or Ubuntu Linux, ongoing support as above, and hardware replacement. Upgrades are available.

The basic dedicated plan with 16 GB Intel, HostRocket’s E5-2620, supplies 12 visible cores, HDD or SSD at 2 x 500 GB or 2 x 120 GB, a 100Mbit Uplink, and numerous additional options if you want them. The most expensive package without upgrades is the 32 GB Dual Intel E5-2620 at $169 each month. Double the number of visible cores, but memory and HDD/SSD stats are the same.

Speed at HostRocket

One feature that really impresses users of HostRocket is that they are true to their name; fast as a rocket. Websites hosted on HostRocket load speedily to the immense satisfaction of consumers. And this is very important. Search Engine Optimization professionals pounce on this fact, noting that search engines use site loading speed in their algorithms to assign a ranking to each hit relevant to a consumer’s search. Unfortunately, uptime is also a part of calculations and this is not a strong point at HostRocket.

Saving Money with HostRocket

Handful of Paper Money

There are a few ways to approach savings with HostRocket. They offer certain discounts on their own site which reward consumers for thinking ahead and booking services with them for months instead of only one month at a time. The cost per month will be reduced. HostRocket coupon codes and promotions also guide consumers to deals but these are generally featured on the site already. You do not need an additional coupon or the code is on the website.

Where coupon code sites help is that they show consumers where shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting are being offered and at what prices. Consumers who have not heard of HostRocket — and there are numerous people who have not yet been introduced — will exclaim “I haven’t heard of these guys, what can they do for me?” They visit the website, explore services, read reviews, and make their choice.

HostRocket Overall

On balance, HostRocket is doing a pretty good job at an alright price. Even though I have mentioned flaws, other websites are also guilty of issues. They advertise great customer service then don’t answer the phone or respond to emails. Their costs are high and speed is below par. Faster hosting is available at a greater cost whereas it’s standard at HostRocket. Consumers really don’t enjoy a lot of choices when it comes to hosting packages whereas there is plenty to choose from here. Certain web host websites are written in language that is even harder to understand.

I miss that growing emphasis on Open Source technology but appreciate that there is a web design solution here at HostRocket. Entrepreneurs should have a choice as to whether they build from a template or start fresh with something interactive, entertaining, colorful, original, and engaging. HostRocket employees are experts in their field.